Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Ramblings - March 2nd

We've plunged back into arctic temps again with last night hitting -26 (-50 windchill) and a high today of -12.  My home is feeling a bit chillier than normal but I guess that's to be expected considering the temps outside.  We're running over 40 degrees below the average temp for this time of year.  Hopefully by Thursday we'll be back up close to 30's again where we should be.  Many in our surrounding area are hitting all time records of days with temps below zero degrees.  It's too cold to snow and we haven't had a good snowfall since December.  I'm not sure how that will play out for the farmers this summer.

Saturday Menu:
Breakfast:  Cheese danish
Lunch: Babbs Coffee House
Supper:  Cube steaks, mashed potatoes, tomato gravy, and broccoli

To get out of the house this weekend we went to the Holistic Healing and Psychic Fair Saturday.  It was extremely small to what I'm use to in Michigan but it's the first year they've had one here in town.  Matt purchased a pair of dowsing rods to try working with.  They're pretty neat and I almost bought a pair myself.  I purchased a beautiful metal bowl to burn loose incense in.  We both had readings done; I had a palm reading and he had a tarot reading.  I'm always somewhat skeptical of readings but she hit her description of me pretty accurately including that someone who died when I was about 20 was one of my guardians.  I've always maintained that my Grandmother, who died when I was 20, was my guardian so it was neat to hear it from somebody else.  It actually brought tears to my eyes as she talked about her.  Parts of his reading were right on and other parts appeared to be way off.

Matt's been wanting to take me to Babb's since he was there this summer when his sister was visiting so we finally went for lunch.  It's a nice cafe/coffee house.  They had a cool table set up with high backed chairs with a HUGE chess board and pieces for people to use.  I wish I'd had my camera with me.  It will be a nice place to take a book or a tablet and kick back and read for a part of the afternoon or evening.  I'll definitely have to take my mom there when she visits next month.

While we were out I decided to stop at Goodwill and see what types of sheets they had and picked up 3 more (dark red, blue, and green).  We both found a couple books.  Matt was able to get the third book in a trilogy to finish off a set he'd bought the first two books of last weekend from another thrift store.  I found two beautiful boxes.  I'm not sure what I'll do with the wood one which is just beautiful but the embossed metal one I'm using on my desk to put my ear plugs and IPod cord in so Moo won't drop them off the table and drag them around the house (and yes she has done this).  We also stopped at another thrift store and Matt found the top of a butter dish with an owl on it for me.  I collect owls so I'm always on the lookout for one to add to my collection.

Sunday Menu:
Breakfast:  Fried eggs on English muffin bread (Bountiful Basket)
Lunch:  English muffin bread with jam (neither of us was super hungry)
Supper:  Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Bleu Cheese Dressing and steak fries

Today I worked on laundry and cleaned.  Once that was done I ripped up the green sheet and started crocheting a rag rug.  Matt has promised me he'll build me a loom to make twined rugs on once the ice melts so he can get into the shed to his tools so for now I'll have to be content to crochet if I want to make one.  This one will be a oval runner.  It's working up pretty quick.  I also made some Amish Chow Chow.  Chow Chow is a relish.  You can use pretty much any vegetable but I used the standard carrots, cauliflower, green beans, kidney beans, red pepper, and red onion for mine and then you store it in a sugar and vinegar mixture until it's pickled I guess would be the best way to describe it.  I filled a 2 qt jar and a pint jar.  The Amish eat it as a side to just about everything.  It can also be canned.  If I like it I will can some so when I get a pickled craving I can just pop a jar open.  I miss the wonderful pickled vegetables at the Indian restaurants. 

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