November 2018 Ramblings

It's hard to believe that November is already over and Christmas is just weeks away. I'm listening to Celtic Christmas songs on Pandora as I type this. This whole year has felt like it's been on fast forward and November continued that way for me. November started off with snow for the third year in a row.
I still love the look of frost on windows. As a kid I use to use my nail to make designs in the frost. The frost on the morning I took this picture looked like swirls.
TRAVELS: I was able to do a couple road trips with Mr. B to haul canola to the elevator in Velva. We had to load the semi trailer up (top left) before we left. When I got out of the semi to move a truck for them I noticed a lot of deer tracks (bottom left). The elevator is about an hour and a half away plus wait time so it takes up a good portion of a day. We had several trucks ahead of us so we ended up waiting probably close to an hour before we were able to unload. We can watch the trucks go down o…

November Ramblings

We're already 10 days into November and I ask again, where is the time going?  I've been way to busy and as usual need to find a balance. It seems like just yesterday I posted and it's actually been about 3 months.

The Prairie Gypsy may be traveling in the near future so watch for more on that.

GRANDKIDS:I was finally able to get lil dude for a week last month! I miss that little tike. He got to go out in the tractor several times with Mr. B while I was working and he loved every minute of it. It's amazing how well he jumped into riding in the tractor during the harvest with one day being nearly 11 hours and still got upset when I went to pick him up because he didn't want to leave until he realized Mr. B was leaving too.

Our family loves Mexican food so we tend to go for Mexican whenever possible and this visit was no different. Desiree and Hadlee joined lil dude and myself for lunch at Rancho Grande in Rugby. When lil dude saw Desi's strawberry margarita he wan…


PACKING: I did laundry and started organizing and packing everything two days before we left so I would have time to adjust if needed. I really tried to keep things minimal and I think I did pretty good with packing for the most part. We had roughly planned our travels out and then ended up changing the end of our trip.  Instead of traveling the last couple days, we were camping so there were a couple things so I would have changed packing if I had planned for camping as well but overall we did really well with what we packed.

One of the things I bought at the last minute were some packing cubes. I found them really helpful but wished I'd bought a second set in another color and plan to order another set before our next trip.  I watched multiple YouTube videos on using packing cubes to get a good idea of the best way to pack them.  Having one color for Mr B and one color for myself would have made it much easier when pulling them out to know which cube I needed. 

Clothes were min…

July Ramblings

I remember as a kid hearing adults complain they didn't know where time went and couldn't understand it because summer seemed to drag forever but now I totally get it - it's halfway through August already! Wow, where did July go? Okay, I will admit I was on vacation for about 11 days but still. I'll write about our vacation in the next post.
Today it's already 80' out and we're supposed to hit 90' before getting hit by rain. I'm excited about the rain as we desperately need it and I'm sure the farmers need a day off. 
Our area is in full harvest mode now with farmers harvesting canola and wheat and haying. I've been riding after work and on my days off with Mr. B in the tractors and semi's so I'm not getting a lot done at home at the moment.

We were fortunate to have Jasper with us for most of the 4th of July week. He's so much fun!  He turned 3 last week! I was so upset he wasn't able to come up to celebrate his …

June Rambling

We've been having a really wet month with violent thunderstorms. We've had several tornado warnings and lots of funnels spotted.  Hot days and cool nights apparently trigger some pretty violent storms. The storms have been causing a lot of electrical outages.

MOTORCYCLING Recently while we were out on the Harley and I had an epiphany - riding on a motorcycle of any kind requires a great deal of trust.  You have to trust the person you're riding with for both riders to be safe. This epiphany occurred during a sharp turn as I started to panic he was leaning the bike too far over and we'd skid. In this case my rationale self reminded me he's been riding since he was a kid and knew how to drive the bike and I have no experience and the other part of me wanted to throw myself off the bike.  Fortunately I went with the rationale part of my brain that told me to relax and move with him.and thankfully we didn't skid. It did lead to some thought on what a thermometer r…

Summer Dieting

Summer is finally here! Or at least I think it is. We've had so many temp variations this month there are some days I wonder.

I don't typically like to talk about my weight but it's been a struggle for years due to my having hypothyroidism. Nothing is more demoralizing then to have your doctor tell you that you could totally stop eating and starve yourself and you're body would still put on weight, which is exactly what happened to me about 12 years ago. I'd been able to focus on myself and lost a lot of weight while I was single. It was much easier to focus on de-stressing, eating and exercising when I didn't have to worry about someone else liking the foods I was eating or working around their schedule to exercise or meditate. Now I'm back in a relationship plus the stress of the new job and the stress of life in general and I've started to inch back up again.  I've found several things that have helped and some that haven't that I thought I&#…


Time is flying so quickly I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything on the blog. Spring is a busy time on the farm with calving, field work and getting all the summer toy ready. Mr B has been working 12 and sometimes 14 hour days in the fields. They finally finished seeding this week so he'll be back to banker's hours again thankfully. It's hard preparing food for him at 10 pm or later so he has at least one hot meal a day especially when I have to be up at 4:30 am.

Here are some highlights from the last couple months:

APRIL: Easter arrived after a night without electricity at the farm. We'd just brought the kids in to take baths and Desiree was getting ready to take Bella home for bed when the electricity went out. I bought several old fashion oil lamps way back when I lived in Maine and found them extremely useful. I lost them somewhere in my moves so started picking them up again at yard sales and thrift stores when I found ones I liked. I definitely need a f…