Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Temps are finally coming up.  Today it was in the low 20's and I was outside in just a sweatshirt!  I am so looking forward to warmer temps.  I miss being outside.

I received really good news Friday.  My team leader informed me she's approved me to come home and work.  I do my training this week and hopefully within the next 2 weeks they'll have my computer built so I can come home.  I'm so excited to say the least.  I've never had anxiety issues before but working with that many people has produced feelings of anxiety.  The noise is another issue I'm having problems dealing with and with plans to hire more people it would have only gotten worse.  I think this will be a win-win situation.  I'll be less distracted and will be able to produce more work.

My crochet rug is coming along nicely although I ran out of the solid green before the end of the second row so I'll have to rip back to the start of that row and use another color.  I think the red sheet that I got last weekend will work well so I'll rip that into strips tomorrow and continue.  I'm estimating this rug will be 2 ft x 5 ft when I get it done and the sheets that I used cost me under $20.  I'm still debating if I want it in front of the couch or in the guest room next to the bed.

I ate some of the chow chow I made last weekend and it's pretty good.  A little sweeter than I like so I'll adjust to use less sugar the next time.

Last night we went to the Knights of Columbus for supper.  We've only been there for a wedding so it was our first time there for a regular meal.  We both decided to have fish since it was the special.  He had the beer battered fish and fries and I had the pan fried walleye.  Both were very tasty.  We both had salads and Matt voiced what I'd been thinking, the croutons were no where as good as my homemade ones are.  We've spoiled ourselves for sure.

Saturday Menu:
Lunch:  Taco Bell
Supper:  Turkey and bacon on ciabbata rolls, chips & dip

I woke up somewhat sluggish so I got a later than planned start to my errands.  Mailed a book out for my PaperBackBookExchange.  I also stopped at both Goodwill and Salvation Army and found some good buys.  I bought a suede purse and a teal tote for $2.50 each, some clothes, 3 books, a large throw and another sheet.  The throw I plan to use for a blanket on the bed in the guest room.  It's super soft and fluffy.

Once we ate lunch I got to work making some laundry detergent and then got started on the laundry.  Matt was enjoying an afternoon kicked back watching TV so I entertained myself looking at Pinterest and getting recipe ideas.  

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