Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wedding Ramblings

I've been sick for the past two weeks and just haven't had any energy to get anything posted so I apologize for this being so tardy.

I traveled to Houston, Texas, the beginning of December for my son's wedding.  What a wonderful time!  There just wasn't enough time to spend with the kids.  The rehearsal was Thursday night and the wedding Friday so it was pretty busy.  The food was delicious!  I'd hoped to explore Saturday but honestly couldn't get up the drive to go anywhere.  I berated myself over not having a very gypsy spirit but the desire just wasn't there. The weather was cold, about 38', so outdoor venues would have not been enjoyable and outdoor venues are typically the ones I like best.  I'd decided to watch some Netflix on my tablet and knit for the day until I was blessed to be invited to spend the day with the bride's family.  I told them I wanted them to adopt me!  Saturday night Jordon and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch Catching Fire.  I wish we had theaters like that here.  There are tables in front of your seats and you can place orders throughout the movie for food and drinks.  Jordon and I ordered chili fries and a pizza and split them.  It was really nice being able to sip on a glass of wine while watching the movie.

Aren't they a beautiful couple! 

I found it amusing that the first thing my son Jordon said was that Texas disappointed him as we were driving from the airport to the hotel.  He wanted to know where all the ranches were and where the horses were.  I found it amusing.  Houston looked like every other metropolis area I've been to.  We really need to go back and explore outside of Houston.  Although, I understand Houston does have some wonderful museums downtown.  To be honest, I was feeling slightly claustrophobic with so many buildings and people.  It's amazing how fast I've acclimated to living in small town America.

My travels were anything but smooth.  We were expected bad weather  the night before I flow out so I left early that afternoon to stay ahead of the storm arriving.  Matt got me a hotel for the night so I wouldn't have to get up in the wee hours and travel in nasty weather.  Our favorite hotel in Fargo when we need to stay is the Best Western Kelly Inn.  It has the most beautiful decor with an outdoor nature theme.  Even the ceramic tiles in the hall have wild animals etched into them.  They have a fabulous kids' pool area and a wonderful hot tub for the adults.  One thing we both love is their happy hour.  You could eat and drink there for free and not have to go out for dinner if you wanted.  On my arrival I went and got a plate of cheeses and a glass of wine to hold me over until I decided where I wanted to have dinner.

  Distressed leather and tapestry chair that was super comfortable to sit in.
 Beautiful valance boxes over curtains.
Super comfortable bed with adorable throw on it.  There are 6 pillows on the bed!

Travel to the Fargo airport early Wednesday morning was a nightmare with ice slick roads but I was not going to let anything prevent me from getting on that plane!  Due to the weather our flight was delayed getting into Denver and I missed my next plane.  I sat and watched beautiful downy snowflakes fall so thickly I couldn't see the buildings across the runway and wondered if I would get out of Denver.  Fortunately I was able to get the next flight out with roughly a 3 hour delay.  I was very happy to land in Houston on the day I was supposed to.  I normally don't buy food on planes but got a bit hungry on the flight to Houston so I decided to try one of the Tapas Snack Boxes (about $8.50).  This was delicious and very filling for the price.  It had a tube of hummus and a bag of pita chips, a container of a cream type cheese and a package of crackers, a container of roasted red pepper bruschetta and a package of cream crackers along with a bag of marinated herbed olives and a bag of almonds.

On my return trip weather was once again a factor.  My flight was from Houston to Chicago then to Fargo.  It was a weird route to say the least.  The weather was so bad that they didn't have anybody to get our plane out of the hanger and after 3 hours finally switched us to another plane.  I landed in Fargo at 11 pm, 6 hours after I was supposed to.  While we were waiting for our luggage the security guard told us that we were lucky we got there and that our flight had been the last plane out of Chicago before they closed the airport down.  I was just too exhausted to drive home on nasty roads so I ended up staying in Fargo at the hotel again.  I could have really of used the hot tube after getting there but unfortunately the pool area was closed.  I was just happy to be back in North Dakota.

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