Sunday, October 13, 2019

Winter Started in October this Year!!!!

Today I'm trying to recover from having been snowbound at work in Devil's Lake for the past three days. My body (previously injured right hip and leg) hurts badly and I need to keep my leg up BUT I have cleaning I'd planned to do over the weekend since I was SUPPOSED to have had it off that still needs to be done. Now I'm trying to recover and get two days of cleaning done in a single day since I have to work for the next three days.  

I've managed to get three loads of laundry done so far including our bedding, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom, bedroom and living room.  I plan to run the vacuum and if I have time left I hope to get some cleaning done in the kitchen.

Looking out window at work
Yes, the snow drift is all the way
to the roof!
We just got dumped on this week with snow.  Devil's Lake got over two feet of snow during the two-day blizzard.  Here at the farm they only got a couple inches.  The roads were closed so I couldn't get home and had to stay at work for three nights.  Fortunately, they have rooms for staff that have to stay for any reason.  The last day I ended up having to share my room with an overnight nurse, which felt a little weird.  I just wasn't super comfortable sharing a room where I have my electronics and purse with someone I don't know. 

I looked out one of the windows at work and was started to see the drifts were up to the roof!  I went to take the garbage out and there was a snowdrift blocking the door over 7 feet tall.  I haven't seen this amount of snow in a single storm since I lived in Maine.

A deer eating at the start
of the storm
Thankfully I had packed an extra pair of scrubs and some basic things just in case this storm did really happen.  Lesson learned of additional things I need to include and keep in my vehicle just in case a freak storm happens while I'm at work.  I really wished I'd packed my knitting so I had something to decompress with.  Also, for any time this might happen I need to have something Mr. B can microwave easily to eat when I'm not here to feed him.

I made a wise decision running to Walmart Wednesday night before it got really bad so I could grab some food for snacks and at the last minute decided to get a small package of dinner rolls, meat and cheese for sandwiches just in case.  I was blessed to be able to share my food with others too.

I also plan on suggesting improvements at work for future issues like this so we can work better as employees and feel appreciated. 

Items To Get: Yes I'm one of those crazy people that packs everything including the kitchen sink so I'm comfortable and I have what I need to be able to relax and recharge on my downtime

1.  Electronics:  I did a good job with this but I think I will invest in another electronic wallet and keep a set of cords for my devices (IPhone, Samsung Tablet and Kindle Paperwhite) and a multiple USB charger in my vehicle for freak stuff like this.  I bought a large wallet for our motorcycle trip this year and have everything Mr. B and I need for trips but I think a dedicated one for my work bag would be a good idea.

2.  Food:  A separate bag for food items that I can keep stored in the car, which is always a good winter idea to keep in a vehicle.

Food:  Things that have a long shelf life to be kept in the vehicle.  I will definitely buy individual size containers of fruits and veggies. I may also consider keeping a cooler in my vehicle so that I can keep things in my room.

3.  Bedding:  A travel pillow.  The facility ones were not comfortable.  I'll invest in a Mr. Pillow travel pillow and keep it in the vehicle.

Comfortable sheets:  These I don't need to buy as I have several sets of twin size flannel sheets in my storage tubs so I just need to get a set and put them in my bag. 

Throw/Quilt:  A nice throw blanket to cuddle in would be nice too.

4: Project:  Something to work on during downtimes like knitting or crochet.

5:  Clothes:  More than one set of scrubs.  I had the scrubs I wore to work and one extra pair I'd packed but it would have been nice to be able to have not had to do laundry.  I plan to order some more new ones soon so I'll keep several older sets in my bag.

6.  Laundry Supplies:  A container with a couple laundry tabs and dryer sheets.  I used the facility laundry soap and my scrubs are all scratchy so I need to make sure I have my own on hand if needed.  The facility doesn't use dryer sheets so it's an important item to have.

7.  Clock:  A clock that I can see the time in the dark.  I kept waking up thinking I'd overslept and had to get up and check my phone to see what time it was.

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