Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Reminiscing of Falls in Maine...

Lately, I've been missing fall in Maine with the beautiful colors.  It's been so many years ago that I lived there, yet the memory of the trees changing each fall is still vivid in my memory. The colors here in North Dakota just don't match the intensity of those I remember in New England.  One day I will have to go back to see if fall is really how I remember it.  It would be wonderful if we could take a motorcycle trip there in the fall.

Today is one of my rare days off.  I'd planned to clean but we're having a problem with rust in the water so that's on hold so no cleaning or laundry today.  I'm working on putting items up on Facebook Marketplace to start downsizing a bit before we move the house so that was my morning project.  I got a nasty comment almost immediately after posting a pair of shoes that I'd only worn twice about his wife having gotten them without foot fungus.  I mean seriously - what is it with people any more.  I'm sure the new shoes his wife bought had been tried on a time or two before her purchasing them.


As winter is starting to show her colors, I've been craving more substantial food along with warming drinks so my cooking has changed in the last couple weeks.  I'm craving a warm drink after supper and before bed, so warm apple cider with a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom and hot chocolate have started making an appearance.

Venison steak with fried potatoes and acorn squash.  This was soooo good!  A little steak sauce and perfection!  I used my air fryer to cook the venison steak and it came out perfect and didn't taste like dry leather.

Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese dippers.  Another cold-weather meal. (Sorry, bad picture.)

This is a new (to me) set of plates I bought.  The dessert plates and cups have a barn on them.  I paid $10 for 4 cups, 4 dinner plates and 3 bowls.  I love the bowls as they are perfect for soups and pasta dishes.  I imagine you'll see a lot more of this set.

Mr. B and I went on a shopping trip to Minot at the beginning of the month. Mr. B is remodeling the furnace room in the shop and needed supplies.  He took me to a really nice restaurant/bar that I would have never found.  We'd already been seated before I saw this beautiful fireplace or I would have asked to be seated by it. The fireplace is open on three sides so you can have a view of it from nearly anywhere.

The food was really good.  I had a french dip sandwich with sweet potato fries and Mr. B had a burger with regular fries.  We were so full from the meal we just ate a snack for supper after we got home.  I hope we can go back here again to try the supper menu.

It Happened In Scotland audiobook cover art  Lady Fortescue Steps Out audiobook cover art  You Are a Badass audiobook cover art  The 12 Week Year audiobook cover art  

I think I might have finished a couple more audiobooks but I can't remember which ones.  I'm currently listening to the following books.

  The Witch of Little Italy audiobook cover art  The Wealthy Gardener audiobook cover art  Think and Grow Rich audiobook cover art

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