Thursday, April 11, 2019

First Bike Ride!!!

Sunday we went for our first ride of the year!!! It was a little strange riding and looking over the fields still scattered with snow but it was wonderful to be flying down the road again. The kids had bought a side-by-side and we met them in Bisbee for lunch at The Chocolate Shop. We warmed up there with a cup of hot chocolate and I had a bowl of corn chowder and a ham and cheese sandwich.

There was a sign in the restaurant with prices for camping in Bisbee so we decided to take a ride over and see the campground and the dam. With my ankle still messed up I wasn't able to walk out and look at the dam like I would have liked. 

I was worried about getting cold so I wore fleece leggings under my jeans, a thermal shirt, zippered sweatshirt and my leathers. I plan to buy a neck gaiter to keep my neck warm on future cold rides. I also tried to wear a knit cap but it was not tight enough and it started to blow off so I had to grab it and hold it until we got to our destination. I'll make sure I wear a tighter knit cap the next time.

Finally got my Christmas present from Mr. B. He'd originally gotten me a pair of knee high boots but they didn't fit my fat calves so I had to send them back. I looked for another pair but we never submitted the order. I'd recently found a pair I really liked on Facebook Marketplace but they were the wrong size so I contacted the person and asked what style they were but got no response. I went back on Amazon and looked for the boot style but couldn't find it but I did find these. I received them this week and they fit! I was so happy! I like the fact they're tall enough I can tuck my leggings in but not so tall I can't wear pants over them. Wish I would have had them Sunday for our ride. It's supposed to be nice this Sunday so with any luck we'll be able to ride again.


Tuesday I was hungry for a salad so decided to make a buffalo chicken salad. Romaine lettuce, cucumber and some chicken strips drizzled with bleu cheese dressing. Simple to fix and filled me up nicely without being heavy.

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