Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Grandma's Helper came for a visit!

Today has been another warm day. We can finally see our driveway! I was sitting on the bench swing watching Jasper and pondering how long the snow will take to disappear. You can see from the school bus on the far right how tall these snow mounds are.

Jasper and Bella were enjoying the outdoors this afternoon. They got out their containers of bubbles and were running and twirling around to make the bubbles. Bella brought baby Hadlee out in her stroller and she got to enjoy the bubbles they were blowing for her along with some sunshine. 

Jasper took off to climb the mountains of snow and explore on his own. I had to laugh watching him lay down in a puddle and move his arms and legs like he was making a snow angel. He came in absolutely soaking wet and cold after his exploration but happy as could be. If he hadn't been so cold I would have thrown him into the tub to warm up. I'm not sure if his snowboots will dry out any time soon. I need to invest in one of those boot dryers. He also came in exhausted and crashed while eating his snack. I couldn't let him sleep too long. The night before he had done the same thing  -  falling asleep at about 6  pm, waking up at about 11 pm and staying up until after 3 am - grandma was exhausted!!!!

My lil sleeping beauty!

We have baby chicks on the farm again! Desi and I picked up 8 new ones. Bottineau had them for 1/2 price so they picked up 10 more. She bought 4 different varieties. They're starting their ugly stage now. I was surprised that Jasper didn't show any interest. I thought for sure he'd want to hold them but he looked at them and walked off. He wouldn't even help feed them.

lil dude intently watching TV

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