Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year!  Matt flew back from Michigan and was pretty tired so we didn't do much except have a drink and go to bed after we watched the ball fall.  He slept in his chair until then and I honestly wasn't sure I was going to be able to stay awake long enough but we managed it.  We decided to drink wine this year as neither of us was in the mood for champagne. Champagne for me is for mimosas; otherwise, I'm not a huge fan. We had a lovely Cabernet that we both enjoyed.

I spent most of Matt's time gone working on organizational projects.  There was a large moving box from our move here that I still hadn't gone through.  Matt has frequently complained about my bath items that were stuffed on a bamboo side table in the bathroom.  So my first project after he left was to buy a shelving unit for the bathroom and getting my bath supplies organized.  The bars are a bit too far apart so I think I may get some tempered glass to put on top of each shelf so items don't fall over. I didn't have many options at Walmart to chose from. There's enough room I might get another one and keep the towels and washrags in so they're closer to the tub/shower instead of in the closet across the room.

My AeroGarden is growing beyond expectations so far.  I've had to take the caps off three of the pods because the plants were so large.  I'll take the cap off the last lettuce tomorrow.  Everything is growing except the parsley.

3 types of lettuce

basil, parsley, and dill (left to right)

Today I took down the tree and got the living room cleaned back up and reorganized again.  I bought a roll of burlap that I used to make a runner for the top of the TV stand and also to cover the tops of the speakers next to it.  I like the rustic look of it and I think the roll was less than $5.  I have a wood tray on the ottoman that I plan to cut a piece from what's left to put inside to put inside the tray. 

The store manager informed me yesterday that I won't be on the schedule after January 17th.  How long I'll be off he didn't know.  So much for my part time job. Corporate cut the hours they can schedule and told them they can't give temps any hours and can't convert any temps to permanent. It's totally insane too.  Shelves are nearly half empty and people complain all the time they can't find anybody to help them. Oh well, we'll see what happens. My hope of getting a camper is disappearing. I'm not sure if I'll just sit and wait it out or look for another part time job.  I've got some jute I can crochet another rug from and put up on the Etsy website and see if I can sell them. I also have been wanting to start a quilt so I have time for that too.

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