Sunday, January 25, 2015


We had a bit of nasty weather yesterday.  I was at work so didn't get to see it happening, but the customers kept me updated on it as they came through my line.  It started out raining, then turned to snow, then a misty rain, and back to snow from what I was told.  Of course once it started getting cold out the rain froze so we have ice under the snow.  There were several accidents due to the ice on the roads.  Matt saw a vehicle in front of him spin totally around and go through the median right on the overpass yesterday.  I can't imagine a scarier spot to lose control of a vehicle. When I got off at 8 last night the snow was quite pretty.  It was the huge snowflake type of snowfall.  I wished I had a fire pit outside and a chair to curl up in with a quilt to sit and enjoy it.  Roasting some marshmallows would be good too.  We didn't get much more accumulation last night but there's a nice fresh layer of snow on the ground.  The pups were dancing and rolling around in it this morning. Lacey makes me laugh watching her joy of playing in it.
The furkids went in for grooming Thursday.  This is the only time I can remember I have been this upset over their grooming.  I didn't notice it when I picked them up how bad a job they did on them.  Tip had some old scabs in his fur on his hip area from the skin allergy issue, which should have been easy to wash out and might have possibly needed a brush or comb to work out, but instead they hacked his fur off.  Thankfully she didn't shave the area. I request their nails be done with a dremel so they'd be smooth and they were obviously done with clippers.  Lacey's poor tail and fur on her hip area they chopped off.  She has a very furry tail and they clipped it way back at the top of the tail making it looks weird. This is also the first time they've ever come home acting stressed from being groomed and all three developed diarrhea from the stress.  Looks like I'll be searching for a new groomer. 
I bought a Bountiful Basket and several add-ons yesterday.  I'm excited with this one and hopefully we'll use it up before anything goes bad.  I bought the basic basket, herb basket, 20# of baking potatoes and 5 loaves of sourdough bread.  I LOVE their sourdough bread.  This week I decided to volunteer for the first time and enjoyed it.  Jordon needed to be dropped off at work by 7:45, which is right next to the Bountiful Basket pickup, so I figured I'd drop him off a bit early and be there to volunteer at 7:30.  I helped unload the semi truck and then acted as a runner, getting the add-ons and baskets for the people working the tables.  It made for a long day though.  The herb basket came with 5 vanilla beans so we'll be adding those to the mead.  If I recall right, I saw 5 vanilla pods at Walmart for over $10 and I paid less than that for the entire herb basket so the vanilla pods themselves were worth the purchase.
My bargain find of the week was getting a year of Amazon Prime for $72.  Someone posted on one of the budget/frugal blogs I follow on Facebook yesterday that it was on sale yesterday only.  They upped the cost from $75 last year to $99 this year so this was a big savings.  My Prime Membership ends next month so this was something I knew would be coming up to renew. Of course they didn't want to give me the price since I'm already a subscriber.  I remembered something I read on another blog about a year or so ago and "gifted" myself a subscription to get around them not wanting to let me have it for that price.  I ended my membership at the end of my contract next month and I'll activate my "gift" the next day.  Savings of $25!
GARDENING:  The lettuce is ready to harvest!  I'm so excited!  Maybe tonight we'll harvest it and enjoy some.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's about 5.5" tall, the middle is almost 6".

CRAFTING:  I've worked a little bit on the baby afghan this week.  It's coming along.  I want it to be at least 36" and it's about 22.5" right now.  The pattern is easy once you have it down and you can mindlessly work on it for the most part until you get to the corners and have to work the miter.  I've been watching a lot of Miss Marple this week and working on this.
10-Stitch baby afghan

ORGANIZATING PROJECT:  I worked through the bookcase I started on.  I ended up taking 5 fabric shopping bags full of books to Salvation Army.  Most of the books were cookbooks and diet books.  I've got about 4 bags of magazines I need to either take to Salvation Army or find someplace to donate them also. Oreo is making sure I'm not getting rid of the dog treat cookbooks.  I think I listed about 30 books on PaperBackSwap and had 10 of them immediately grabbed up.  I'll start on another bookcase this week.  I really wish they could be swapped for Kindle books but that feature has not been available for electronic books yet.  There are probably a lot I could still weed out of this bookcase but this was a good start.

READING:  I finally finished Quaker Café by Brenda Bevan Remmes.  This was a book that took me a little bit to get into but by halfway through it had caught me.  There are a lot of turns in this book and some thought provoking subjects. I also finished If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende.  I got it at a discount price from what it is listed for now but it's a great read about her life in Alaska and the people that live around her. I will probably pick up more of her other books.  She writes for NPR and several other publications/organizations.  I'm fascinated by Alaska and would love to visit there and have been reading books like this when I can find them.

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