Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Ramblings December 7, 2014

I've been super busy.  The hours I'd asked for have not been honored and they're giving me 20-24 hours a week, making my work weeks between 60-64 hours, which is WAY to many hours for me.  Unfortunately I'm not getting anything done because I'm working so much.  Instead of enjoying my Sundays I'm rushing around trying to get everything done.  I hope to get my schedule fixed soon or I may have to give up the idea of the second job.  When I feel overwhelmed like I did this week, I try to remember to breath deep and to remind myself that this is only temporary and it shall pass.

I had a scare with Tip right before Thanksgiving.  Walked in the door after getting home from work and noticed blood all over Tip's flank.  I'd thought to save a few pennies by buying cheap treats and Tip had a reaction which caused a really bad hot spot that he kept chewing.  I tried treating it myself but he won't stop chewing on himself so I took him in to the vet the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Thankfully the antibiotics and steroid taper she put him on has worked.  He's been stumbling a bit so I talked to her about that too and we may start some type of med after he finishes up his steroid taper for arthritis to help him.  There's a definite improvement in his movement since he's been on the steroids.  Oreo needs to go in for hip issues too so I'll be seeing the vet quite a bit.

Since my dog treats have to be carefully watched now, I've started making my own dog biscuits so I can control the ingredients.  This batch is peanut butter flavored.  Simple, but they definitely liked them.  I had bought several cookbooks and dog bone cookie cutters in various sizes with intentions of making their dog treats but never carried through with it.  I made bones in 1.5" and 2' sizes".  I liked the amount of rise I got from this recipe.  The one time I made them before they stayed really flat.

Peanut Butter doggie treats

Thanksgiving day we set a record low at -29 degrees beating the previous record of -14.  Those temps are without wind chill.  I'm a bit worried to say the least about it plunging so low so early in the season.  I might have to go visit my son down in Texas to thaw out! We have also gotten several inches of snow.  The pups were so excited when they went out in it the first time this winter.  It was snowing when I got home from work that night so the pups and I did a late night walk in the snow which is an annual ritual.  I thought I had some time to get them some boots to protect their paws but with temps so low already I'll have to get some ordered.  Thankfully the weather has been warmer and today we had some melt off.  The pups and I actually got out for a walk today it was so nice.

Lacey walking the perimeter

Lacey checking out tracks through the yard
As you can see Lacey is checking out the tracks in the yard.  She's been very skittish since the skunk incident.  She watches the direction the skunk ran every time we're outside.  Who would have thought she would have become such a guard dog!

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