Sunday, December 14, 2014


This week has been busy.  This was the first of my three 64 hour weeks and I have survived it although by Thursday I was pretty tired.  This too shall pass as the week of Christmas my hours at my second job drop to 16 and then the next week to 12.  Feast or famine it appears. I'm going to open my schedule up to working in Lawn & Garden to help ensure that I get hours.

We're still adjusting to Matt's schedule but things are starting to settle.  The one issue I'm not sure about is how we're going to work out is lunch.  By the time he gets up around 11, I'm starting to get hungry and he only wants his coffee (his breakfast) and isn't interested in eating until about 2.  As I typically take Jordon to work about 11:45, having my lunch after I get back makes more sense then starting work again and then taking another break.  It doesn't look like our idea of having a "family" lunch is going to work at this time.

Our weather has been warmer this week.  Temps this weekend are expected to be around 40'F.  Hopefully the snow will melt. The warmer temps are causing fog at night and in the morning.  I have a beautiful view of white covered trees out my window by my work computer from the fog freezing on the trees. Matt took this picture from outside.

Last night when I went to get Jordon from work there was a light mist and frozen ice on my windows.  Jordon went to take the garbage out for me and nearly fell on the deck from the freezing mist so although it can be really pretty, it can be dangerous as well.  This morning when I took him to work there was a thick fog and everything was still slick.  Thankfully the main road was not slippery.

I ran out of the peanut butter treats so I made up a new batch of biscuits for the pups.  This time I made Pumpkin Pie Biscuits from You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits Cookbook by Janine Adams.  They smell divine! I made three dog shaped cookies and frozen them for Christmas Day for their dessert and the rest were bone shaped for daily treats.  There is a good amount of cinnamon and nutmeg in them so they smell just like a pumpkin pie.  These don't rise so you have to roll them thick to have a good thickness of biscuit.  The pups give them a thumbs up too.  My weekend baking plan is to make I-Tail-ian Meatballs from the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.  I have the turkey thawing so hopefully these will get made up tomorrow.  I may see if I can get another batch of biscuits done too.

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