Sunday, September 28, 2014

WEEKEND RAMBLINGS - September 27-28

Breakfast - store bought cinnamon rolls and apple cider
Lunch: turkey sandwiches
Supper: Pecan crusted chicken breast, yellow rice, and green beans

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehho
A Prairie Christmas Collection by various authors
Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

I can tell it's fall as weekends are jammed with things to do before winter sets in.  Unfortunately my house cleaning hasn't gotten done this weekend either because of it.

Two weeks ago I bought a tile topped table with 4 chairs for $10.  It was a fantastic buy but needed a bit of TLC.  This weekend I've started the restoration.  I'm not a fan of the blond wood and it was in bad shape anyway so after a lot of reading I decided to use a poly stain and darken up the seats and the wood around the tile.  From what I've read I need to let the stain cure for 30 days and then put a finish coat on to keep it from chipping.  Needless to say Matt is impressed with the improvement so far.  Hopefully next weekend I can freshen up the white portions by painting them antique white and I'll probably distress them a little bit.

Before - it had some type of gel paint or fingernail polish on several of them and lots of scratches

After first coat of stain

After 2nd coat of stain

Table before - thankfully all the tile were intact and none were broken
After first coat of stain

Saturday we went to a rodeo up at the Civic Center.  After attending my first outdoor rodeo over the 4th of July weekend I'm not as big on the indoor ones and it was such a beautiful weekend it would have been great if it had been outside.  It just wasn't the same standing above the arena watching as it was standing next to the fence this summer.

I did enjoy it though.  One of the broncos apparently opened it's chute gate and came strutting out and pranced around the ring for several minutes showing off before they were able to get him back into the chute again.  There were several of the bulls too that decided they wanted to strut some after they'd thrown their riders and didn't want to leave the arena.  One bull rider was knocked out after being thrown and was carried off on a backboard but thankfully was okay.  I took the pictures with my phone and even with the sports mode some of the action photos turned out slightly blurry so I apologize.  I need to remember to take the camera.

bronco threw his ride and thankfully jumped over the rider so he wasn't hurt

women's barrel racing

waiting for steer roping


  1. Miss the rodeo. Having moved from PA to WY and back to PA I sure did love the ropings out on the ranches, the State Fair Ranch Rodeo and the big ol' high school events and professionals. Never a dull moment.
    Thanks for sharing these pix.

  2. I grew up in Indiana and never attended one until we moved out here. I really enjoy them also. Matt and I both think it's neat that students can take rodeo as a sport in some of the schools here. Jordon after watching his first rodeo this summer decided he'd like to learn to bull ride. As a mom I'm not too keen on that idea. Glad you enjoyed the pictures and for letting me know.


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