Thursday, October 5, 2017

More September Ramblings

While up at Lake Metigoshe Park we went to a cute little park that has a stone clock. I wish it hadn't been raining so much and we'd been able to explore more while there. The landscape was beautiful though! We also visited Strawberry Lake which was equally amazing. I want to go camping there next year. I absolutely fell in love with the area around Lake Metigoshe. The area reminds me a lot of northern Michigan in the upper penisula - breathtakingly beautiful.

Polaris Sighting Tube

Solstice viewing

On Sunday we went to the International Peace Garden, which is situated between the US and Canadian checkpoints. Next year I would like to visit while it's in full bloom. If you visit definitely wear your walking shoes.

US on left side and Canada on right side

Promise of Peace exhibit that was added this year
There's also a cute little cafe in the building where the bookstore and the entrance to the Cacti Exhibit is. They had a delicious buffet while we were there and it was very reasonably priced.



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