Thursday, September 29, 2016

Calender and Daily Planner Decor

I use my monthly and daily planners every day.  Due to my living in a small town I don't have much availability of planner styles so I end up with generic, plain ones (i.e. dull).  I've seen planners online with large price tags but they weren't decorated in a way I liked.  Recently I started noticing a trend in planner and calendar making and decorating and started reading some blogs and looking at Pinterest for ideas.  I don't have time to design and make my own calendars for each month so I've come up with a way to make my planners more visually pleasing and more enjoyable to use thereby hygger something I use daily.

I use two planners, one for my full time job and a personal one that I also use for my pet sitting business.  I'm describing how I use these techniques for planners but you can use these for any calendar you have.  The first thing I did was to buy stickers.  You can also buy sticker making machines if you want to print imagines off the internet and make your own stickers. I'll probably stop at some craft stores the next time I'm in Fargo or Bismarck to look for a wider variety of stickers but for now what I have available is working.

This is a picture of my work planner page undecorated.  Obviously very generic and dull looking.  I can write what I want in it but looking at this doesn't inspire me or make me smile.  I apologize for the poor quality pictures but I had to use my phone camera to take them.

This is how I decorated next week's pages.  I need a lot of space to write information in regarding my work production so I couldn't use a ton of stickers, but it definitely improves the look of the page.  As you can see I went seasonal and used some Sunflower stickers.  The package did several pages in this planner and also a month in my personal planner.

My personal planner is a bit more fun for me.  This page is for November as I already decorated October's pages before deciding to post regarding how to do this. I found some cute dog and cat stickers that I use for days I have pet sitting clients.You can see I've already got a reservation in November and I've got the stickers on those days.

Here's October's pages.  I would typically have gone with a Halloween theme for this month but for some reason felt really drawn to the fall theme in both planners.  You can see how much more appealing and fun it is to look at.

I went pretty basic with just using stickers for decorating.  If you have more time and/or are more resources available you can cut out decorative paper in the sizes of the squares.  I've seen birthday print paper used on days with birthdays.  I've also seen major projects where they used a variety of papers and had put patterned or colored pages on every day of the month making the calendar look like a quilt which was pretty but I imagine very time consuming.  If you chose to do something like that, you'd definitely need a sticker making machine.  I've seen some use washi tape and I may try that in the near future.  To make the tape narrower you can slice it in half using a paper cutter with a sliding razor cutter.  Some use die cuts over the top of the papers.  A lot of techniques used for scrapbooking are being used for calendar and planner decorating.  The awesome thing is you can decorate to whatever level you're comfortable with and have a lot of fun personalizing something most of use on a daily basis.

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