Saturday, November 16, 2013


Today was my first weekend off in over seven months.  It felt so nice to be able to kick back in my pj's for the morning and just  relax.  I considered going into work for extra overtime but decided I really needed this weekend off to mentally recharged.  Next week starts mandatory overtime so I may not get a full weekend off again.  For me recharging can take many forms and this weekend I'm finding I need to nest before I can relax. 

I've been so busy I haven't gotten my fall cleaning done, so I started that this morning.  I didn't go crazy and do the whole house or even attempt to, I just started with the living room.  I think a room a weekend is probably reasonable.  I took down the curtains, washed them, and hung them back up wet so I wouldn't damage the thermal lining by drying them.  I had to run out for more pinched pleat hangers since they used the wrong ones and they were all bent from the weight of the curtains.  Unfortunately I had to get the same type because Walmart didn't have the ones I needed.  On our next trip to Fargo I'll see if I can find some or break down and order the ones I need.  I conditioned the leather couch.  Pulled most of the furniture out and vacuumed under it.  Dusted everything thoroughly and washed the dog beds from the living room and the throws I keep on the chairs. 

While I was at Walmart picking up the curtain hangers I also picked up a wooden circular candle holder and four dark green candles of various heights (evergreen scent) to put in it which I placed on the ottoman for a little decoration.  I need to get some evergreens or something to put around it for a bit of color.  I also picked up a small 3" candle to put in my candle holder on the dining room table. 

My second project today included cleaning and inventorying the chest freezer.  I bought two freezer baskets to help organize it from Walmart that are great.  I wish they had baskets with handles on them like the single basket it came with so I could hang one more basket.  I may pick up a couple more to use in the side-by-side if they fit.

While the pizza was cooking I started the dishwasher and cleaned off one of the counter tops in the kitchen.  One of my glass containers that I put flour in broke a couple weeks ago and I'd bought a replacement but hadn't gotten it put in the dishwasher yet so I could use it.  Tomorrow I'll put the flour in it so that counter is straightened up and looking better.

This past week both Matt and I have not felt particular well.  He's been outright sick with a fever that came and went and a lot of coughing while I've felt exhausted from fighting to keep from getting full blown sick.  Tuesday I felt horrible, all foggy and fatigued, and just wanted comfort food so Matt made me tuna noodle casserole.  For some reason it's a casserole I've never made since we've been together but it was what I was craving.  I had pulled a roasting chicken out last Friday to make soup but it took until Wednesday before it was thawed enough to roast.  I roasted it after massaging it with olive oil and Herb de Provence, stuffing it with onion and celery, and then sprinkling rosemary sprigs over it. I used a little bit of the chicken to make chicken salad with red grapes for my lunch Thursday and Matt put the leftover carcass in the pressure cooker and reduced it down to stock which he used Friday to make chicken noodle soup. I served this with a large mason jar mug of apple cider.  The perfect combination.  Lunch today was leftover chicken noodle soup and garlic naan bread (that I picked up on clearance at Walmart) baked with provolone slices on it which makes a great substitute for grilled cheese.  Dessert was red velvet cupcakes (four pack that I also picked up on clearance). I absolutely love these red ceramic soup bowls.  The perfect size for soups and stews.

 Supper tonight was homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella slices along with pepperoni and green peppers (freezer stash).  We picked up a the mozzarella while at Costco last weekend.  If you've never tried it, it's wonderful although more expensive then buying shredded.  Dessert was the last two cupcakes.

This is the pizza I made last week that's half pepperoni and half sausage.  I bought some great bulk Italian sausage at Hugo's that I used.  This was probably one of my best pizzas so far.  Matt's not a big sausage fan but I love it so that's why I only did half with sausage.  I use Fleishman's Pizza Yeast (3-pack) and the recipe on the back of the package for the dough.  Matt absolutely loves this crust.  I prefer a doughier crust myself but this is good.  Depending on what you put on your pizza and how much you typically pay if you purchase one, homemade pizzas may or may not be cheaper.  I think I've mentioned before we do not have many pizza options in town and none are great so even if I pay more to make one at home it's far superior taste and knowing I used good ingredients makes it worth the expense.


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  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I thought I'd set that up. I think I have it fixed so it can be followed in different formats. Thank you for reading my ramblings.


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