Monday, November 11, 2013


Before I start my ramblings I'd like to extend a Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow Vets out there!  They go unappreciated for the most part and deserve to be honored for what they're willing to give up - their lives.

Well my best attempt at denial has failed.  I was firmly hoping if I denied winter was almost here or worse yet that it was actually here that it would stay away for a while until I was ready; although, I'm not sure when that would be.  This morning we woke to a temp of 6'.  As the radio announcer said, "At least it's positive 6'."  My tree has lost nearly all it's leaves now, even it could no longer deny winter's grasp.  The one blessing has been that we haven't gotten any snow yet.  I know, I know, it's coming.  I can't help but laugh that Michigan, were we moved from, has gotten snow before us this year.

Matt's had a cold for the past week with lots of coughing.  By Friday I was feeling a bit achy; although, not full out achy.  Today I feel blah.  Not totally sick, but my body is fighting it with everything it has and I'm exhausted and just a bit headachy and a bit foggy.  All I want to do is curl up with my blanket and dog in my recliner and veg until I feel better.  Debating on taking NyQuil before I go to bed tonight.  With his nighttime hacking waking me up it might be a good idea, that or a hot toddy.  Unfortunately I can't miss any days at work right now or I'll be short paid time off for my son's wedding.  I'm trying to keep my Vitamin C level up by eating kiwi for breakfast.

Saturday was my last day working at my second job!  I'm so excited to get my weekends back.  Now I can choose when I want to do extra overtime with my primary job.  Sunday we decided to celebrate and go to Fargo.  I needed to get a dress for the wedding.  Since I have been working 7 days a week, my schedule just didn't allow a trip for shopping unfortunately.  Thankfully I found a beautiful dress.  It was at the top of my price range that I wanted to spend but I'm okay with that, it's beautiful and I feel great in it.  By the time we got done at the mall we were both exhausted and still had the Costco stop to make. 

I detest shopping to say the least so thankfully these trips are rare.  The mall was busy which made me feel claustrophobic.  We really need to start planning regular trips there if we're going to keep our Costco memberships to pick up necessities like toilet paper, paper towel, and the most important item is my Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate.  To avoid weekend crowds we may start taking days off and going during the week.

Well the sand man is sprinkling his dust and my eyes are drooping so I think I will end this rambling and go get some much needed rest.

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