Saturday, November 10, 2018

November Ramblings

We're already 10 days into November and I ask again, where is the time going?  I've been way to busy and as usual need to find a balance. It seems like just yesterday I posted and it's actually been about 3 months.

The Prairie Gypsy may be traveling in the near future so watch for more on that.


I was finally able to get lil dude for a week last month! I miss that little tike. He got to go out in the tractor several times with Mr. B while I was working and he loved every minute of it. It's amazing how well he jumped into riding in the tractor during the harvest with one day being nearly 11 hours and still got upset when I went to pick him up because he didn't want to leave until he realized Mr. B was leaving too.

Our family loves Mexican food so we tend to go for Mexican whenever possible and this visit was no different. Desiree and Hadlee joined lil dude and myself for lunch at Rancho Grande in Rugby. When lil dude saw Desi's strawberry margarita he wanted one so I ordered him his first virgin strawberry margarita and he was in heaven! 

I found this adorable dragon costume at TJ Maxx in Minot for $20 a couple weeks ago when I went shopping. The picture doesn't show the adorable long tail on it. He loved it! Sometimes when he went to show people the costume he'd hold it by the head and walk around growling. I had to laugh because Desi and I were at the bar for supper the other night and I noticed Hadlee was growling. Desi said she's been doing that and then it clicked that I'd seen lil dude hold the dragon head up to her and growl and now she's imitating him!


1-3)     I read the Vampire Knitting Club series by Nancy Warren. Currently there are 3 published books out and the third is due out this month. I read all 3 books the series is that good! It's a pretty calm book unlike a lot of books with vampires in them. They were light reading, which I needed, and totally enjoyable. These are free if you have Kindle Unlimited. I'm impatiently waiting for the next book.

Crochet and Cauldrons: A paranormal cozy mystery (Vampire Knitting Club Book 3) by [Warren, Nancy]Stitches and Witches: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Vampire Knitting Club Book 2) by [Warren, Nancy]The Vampire Knitting Club: First in a Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

4)     The Autumn House by Alison May. A continuation of her seasonal series for the home. Lists of things that should be done in the fall like furnace maintenance to little treats for yourself.  

The Autumn House (The Seasonal House Series) by [Alison May]

5)     How to be Chic in the Winter by Fiona Ferris.  A continuation of Fiona's How to be Chic series and appropriate for the season. 


I was finally able to pick up my WIP (work-in-progress) project that I started 2 years ago. I had to rip out a huge chunk of what I'd completed and redo as I'd messed up the band on the edges so I'm now where I was before I ripped it back.  Hopefully I'll be able to complete this project soon as it's on large needles so it works pretty quickly so I can post a picture of a finished garment in my next post. I have the perfect floral print thermal top to wear with it too.

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