Saturday, August 18, 2018

July Ramblings

Checking out wheat

Baling the hay
I remember as a kid hearing adults complain they didn't know where time went and couldn't understand it because summer seemed to drag forever but now I totally get it - it's halfway through August already! Wow, where did July go? Okay, I will admit I was on vacation for about 11 days but still. I'll write about our vacation in the next post.

Today it's already 80' out and we're supposed to hit 90' before getting hit by rain. I'm excited about the rain as we desperately need it and I'm sure the farmers need a day off. 

Our area is in full harvest mode now with farmers harvesting canola and wheat and haying. I've been riding after work and on my days off with Mr. B in the tractors and semi's so I'm not getting a lot done at home at the moment.


We were fortunate to have Jasper with us for most of the 4th of July week. He's so much fun!  He turned 3 last week! I was so upset he wasn't able to come up to celebrate his birthday. Hopefully he'll be able to come up and stay with us soon.

He had so much fun while here and he got to go to work with Grandpa several days so he was in heaven. He has his little green John Deere Backpack that he puts his toys and pull-ups in to take with when he's with us. The first day he went the look on his face when I packed him a lunch and snack bag to take with and he carried that out to the truck with his backpack on was just too adorable. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it. I'm considering buying him a lunch bag like this for when he's here, probably in blue. We also worked on potty training and had a really good start. Hopefully my son has kept up with it.


You will also note that in most pictures of Jasper he has rubber boots on. He actually has 2 pairs, one is too big still, that he puts on while he's here. He loves the rubber boots and it keeps his city shoes from getting ruined. One day my son put his tennis shoes on out of habit and Jasper kicked them off and went over to his box that I keep his outdoor stuff in and grabbed his boots and pulled them on. He wears them with shorts or pants and even his PJs. They're great because if he steps into something I can wash them off and they also protect his legs when he wears shorts.



I haven't gotten to read much lately, hopefully once the colder weather sets in I can start reading more but this is my stack of books to be read (BTBR):

On my Kindle I'm also readying the following books.  I picked up the Runaway Heiress for a special price of $2.99. It was given a really good review on one of the book discussion groups I'm on on Facebook. 

I'm also working my way through Home Sweet Maison, which is the book we're reading in The Simply Luxurious Life's Facebook's group. I'm way behind the weekly book discussion but I'm reading! Home Sweet Maison I find fascinating as it discusses how the French decorate their homes. The author herself is American and her husband is French so she gives insight to how she reacted to the French system and how her husband reacted when he came to America with her to live to how Americans decorate.


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