Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December Ramblings - New Year Goals

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Wow, I cannot believe we're almost to the end of 2016 already! Time just seems to fly.  I've quit making New Year's resolutions and instead have decided on goals, I divide mine into personal, professional and now business. I like the term goals as I can work on them throughout the year, I don't need to be perfect with them immediately like a resolution. If I miss a week or even a month I can get back on track to meet the goal. Does anybody else have New Year's resolutions or goals? What are they? Do you stick to them?

Personal Goals:
* Do yoga at least 4 days a week (subscribed to Gaiam TV again to get back on track with this)
* Meditate daily
* Read inspirational/spiritual material daily
* Work with my Angel tarot/oracle card decks more
* Study crystals & crystal healing
* Study Reiki more / advanced techniques
* Work on a craft project at least once a week
* Schedule a regular date night again with Matt
* Schedule overnight or weekend trips with Matt - try for quarterly getaways

I'd been doing some of the above regularly but have gotten sidetracked with little man living with us and need to figure out how to get some me time in with him around. It's very similar to how new moms need to figure out how to fit baby time and me time together, just feels strange at my age. At this point I feel good if I get a shower in before he wakes up in the morning. Finding floor space for yoga without toys has been tough. I'm working on getting my sewing/craft room cleared a bit so I can use the floor space in there. Reading has been the hardest, it seems every time I've tried to read with him there he decides he wants on Grandma's lap.

Professional Goals:
* Learn more about ND law (I'm working for a law firm again)
* Learn to do probate cases
* Possibly take an Angel tarot reader class and get certified
* Take Animal Communication class and get certified

Business Goals:
* Double existing client base
* Possibly hire to expand business
* Pay myself back for all costs incurred in 2016 with the business
* Possibly start a second business with Reiki / crystal healing
* Quit working 3 jobs

So, these are my goals to start the year with. I may modify as life changes. Things may change if Jordon gets a different job and the little man isn't around as much. With the roller coaster my life has been lately I don't want to lock myself into any path but be able to switch tracks and adjust my goals as needed if I'm lead to without feeling like I failed.

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