Saturday, March 9, 2019


Physical therapy, doctor's appointments, Mr. B's dad was put in the hospital and visits with him, car breakdowns (see below), and attended a wedding. I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch my breath lately! All I want today is a simple and relaxing day after a hectic week.
Mr. B wants us to go snowmobiling today. I'm hoping he'll let me stay home but I have a feeling it's just wishful thinking. We have his family arriving throughout the day that will be staying at his dad's farm.

We all watch things on videos or TV and think we know how we'd react if it ever happened to us. I learned otherwise. I was heading into town for my physical therapy appointment when my front tire broke off and it rolled down the road in front of me (told you it had been hectic!). I learned that these moments are surreal and I didn't react at all. I remember thinking to myself "so that's what this is like." Called Mr. B and he came out and picked me up, took me to physical therapy and then met the tow truck. Isn't he awesome! He picked me up after my physical therapy appointment and we went to the garage where he had the Jeep towed. We have no idea why the lug nut posts broke off but thankfully it was a fairly cheap fix and he was able to do it in under an hour.

Then I was heading to Minot for my appointment with the specialist when I noticed smoke pouring out from under my hood and through the vents in the Jeep. Talk about scary! I was so worried it was on fire or would catch on fire. I was fortunate that I was close to the garage and drove it in. Thankfully it was only the water pump. I had to be rescued again though, this time by Desi, who kindly drove me to Minot for my appointment. It was her third day in a row having to drive someone to Minot for doctor's appointments so she was a great sport!


I finally got to break in my new-to-me KitchenAid mixer. Today for lunch I made Mr. B a homemade pepperoni pizza. I apparently have been depriving him of the homemade version because he ate nearly the entire pizza by himself! I used this recipe - pizza dough 

The dough takes about 15 minutes to make. A jar of pizza sauce or tomato sauce, pepperoni and a bag of mozzarella cheese makes it a fairly easy meal and typically less than $5, which makes it a great budget meal. A bag of pepperoni makes us about 3 to 4 pizzas so it's cost effective.

The kids went to Minot Friday so I picked up Bella from school and we made these Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies from Pretty.Simple.Sweet.

These were a definite hit and will be added to my recipe box for future batches. The vanilla pudding gives a wonderful boost to the flavor. I used Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips. 


I haven't gotten to read much this week as I've been on the computer nearly constantly. I did treat myself to lunch at Rancho Grande in town and enjoyed reading more of this cozy mystery while I sipped on my Marguiretta after my doctor appointment. I'm a little over halfway through the book so I should be able to finish it off this week, especially with another doctor appointment, this one in Minot.

I did download The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and there are a couple other business books I want to read. Years ago I read The 7 Habits but I don't remember anything so it will be a good read for me. 

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